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1200W Portable Electric Desktop Fan Heater

1200W Portable Electric Desktop Fan Heater

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Embrace the winter season with the convenience and efficiency of our 1200W Electric Heater, a compact and portable desktop fan heater designed to bring you instant warmth and comfort. Constructed from high-quality ABS material, this mini radiator with dimensions of 201312cm is the perfect addition to your home or office space. Experience rapid warming within seconds of turning it on, thanks to its powerful performance and innovative convection air duct which ensures faster heat dissipation and reduced wind noise, extending warmth over greater distances. This multifunctional heater offers versatility with its cooling and warming two-gear switching feature, making it suitable for use all year round. Safety is paramount with this device; it is built with fire-retardant materials and incorporates a double protection mechanism against overheating. It's hidden design and portable handheld feature make it convenient to carry and relocate, ensuring you can enjoy a warmer environment wherever you are. Bring home this Electric Heater today and transform your space into a cozy haven during the colder months.
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Customer Reviews

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Darius Murray

Good packing condition
1200W to manual,
There is a 1-stage warm, 0 (off) ,2-stage hot switch on the back of the product. However, The 1,2 Switch has a similar feeling, each with no wind direction or temperature difference.

Length of wire: 108cm
Height: not more, just 20cm
Auto-blocking switch on the floor
Automatic blocking when held or tilted

☆ Put it on the floor and slowly warm up from the feet
Air rises little by little

I'm satisfied.

Pearl Corkery

Wind century and warm wind is OK
Put it on the desk or under your feet and write it OK