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8K Professional Dual-Camera Quadrotor: Aerial Photography-DS

8K Professional Dual-Camera Quadrotor: Aerial Photography-DS

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Take risks, explore, and experience a sense of adventure with the HEACGSE  Drone 8K Professional High-Definition Aerial Photography Dual-Camera Omnidirectional Obstacle Avoidance Quadrotor! This product offers an impressive array of features, including 2K QHD, 4K UHD, 5K UHD, 6K UHD, and 8K UHD video capture resolutions. Plus, it has App-controlled and Wi-Fi functions, plus Auto Return, Follow Me, and FPV Capable features. With its 3A Controller Battery, multiple Controller Modes, and Remote Distance of 10000, you'll be amazed by the possibilities! The material is Plastic and Metal and the toy is suitable for 14+, 3-6y, and 6-12y. The Original Box includes Camera, Batteries, Remote Controller, USB Cable, and Operating Instructions. Plus, the Pressure Sensor: Altitude Setting and Locator: optical flow localization make it even more fun! Warning/Disclaimer⚠️ Not suitable for children under 36 months
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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Davonte Wiza

Excellent arrived earlier than agreed and in good condition very well packed

Ruthe Welch

Recommend! Very good drone and arrived with 2 weeks!

Verner Spinka

Absolutely love it so far. First drone I have ever owned. I am very please with it so far. A lot to learn but the app is easy to interface and setup everything.

Lori Bergstrom

Definitely a perfect drone for someone that has never had one. The app is easy to use and instructions are simple and explain everything. I've watched friends struggle to pair the controller to the drone or even get it started, I had the started the first time within 1 minutes, like a pro. I would give this drone 10 stars if possible.

Damion Bergstrom

this is my first drone and I am enjoying it very much. The runtime is very good and is probably close to the promise 30 minutes. The battery is very easy to swap out and the entire drone appears to be made of very high quality materials. I like the variety of modes that are accessible to the user especially things like VR and the auto tracking. I can't wait to see what kind of videos I can produce once I get more familiar with the drone I'm sure ...