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Bone Conduction Speaker

Bone Conduction Speaker

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Turn any ordinary objects into a speaker. This speaker is the world’s tiniest and most adaptable sound transmitter, allowing you to enjoy incredible sound at any time and in any location. Place it anywhere in the room and listen as your favorite sound fills the space. It’s both portable and powerful. Although the speaker is the size of a quarter, it produces a robust sound profile. It’s 10 times louder than an iPhone speaker, and its internal speakers deliver powerful bass.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Alexie Abbott

Better than you think ~ ^
It's very fun because the choice is wide because it depends on where you sound.
The delivery is also fast and good

Travis Bailey

I looked at YouTube and bought it because it was amazing, but it's fun.
The delivery seems to take a full time and the goods work well.
It sounds the best in a lemona paper cylinder.
Thick paper apple box lids also set.
4 feet and straps for use in the shower. The storage pouches are also enclosed.
I recommend it because you are interested and looking for it.

Jamir Hand

It was mysterious. What is the development of technology?

Joaquin Rodriguez

I'm surprised because the performance is much better than I thought!!
Cheaper at an affordable price!!! I'm going to buy another one!!

Rosie Ledner

I like it, I am testing it if there is a detail the battery when it is in 20% it goes down very quickly to 10%