Car Trash Can Retractable

Car Trash Can Retractable

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Easy to clean, easy to organize, when the trash can is very dirty, only need to wash or scrub. In order to keep the car clean and tasteless, please clean the trash can in time to avoid secondary pollution to the car. It adopts a foldable design and can be folded and used repeatedly. It can be used as a car trash can, storage container, and car wash bucket, which can save a lot of space in your car. It's easy to install and easy to use. It can be hung or placed anywhere. When driving or traveling long distances, the trash can can be fixed by the sticky mat at the bottom. Keep the car tidy, no odor, no space, convenient and convenient to use during the journey.
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Customer Reviews

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Hilario Hessel

A little small.

Jadon Feil

Cool viderko, you can see my rozmir.

Trent Abbott

Class Vidro, compact, those treba. I recommend it. For my daughter's goods.