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Extendible Travel Backpack Unisex

Extendible Travel Backpack Unisex

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The Extendible Travel Backpack is a versatile companion for both men and women on the go, whether you're a student heading to class or a professional embarking on a business trip. This unisex laptop bag expands to accommodate your needs, providing ample space for your tech and travel essentials within its large luggage compartment. Crafted with convenience in mind, it features a built-in USB charging port to keep your devices powered up while you're on the move. The sleek design of model XA299C boasts comfort, durability, and style, making it an essential item for everyday use and those longer journeys alike.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Adam Wunsch

The product is better than you think, it is good only for travel, and it is inconvenient in general life. (storage method is difficult and complicated)

June Nicolas

The backpack is good, but it is much smaller than advertised.
The actual dimensions of it are: 17cm when closed and 26cm when expanded (see in the photos).
The ad says it is 22cm when closed and 34cm when expanded.
But they gave me a partial discount where the price was fair.
But with the disappointment of not having the desired product I give only 3 stars.

Stevie Schmidt

Equal to the description, very good material… Nothing to Envy to those who buy in chili!!! It took only 2 weeks to arrive!!!

Holden Kassulke

The pink backpack is not as much as in the picture is the model, but the colors are not as pink as in the picture, the front part has to be more like a faded coffee and what looks more pink are the details of the tie that go on the sides and the closures, The quality of the materials is fine and the seams are correct and the shipment arrived in chili in about 2 weeks.

Izabella Turcotte

Extendible Travel Backpack Unisex