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Label Printer Portable

Label Printer Portable

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This label maker uses thermal printing, no ink or toner, convenient, the printer stays clean and it saves cost. This wireless label maker connects via Bluetooth, it’s compatible with Android and iOS. It’s lightweight and compact, easy to carry in your pocket or bag and making labels up to 15mm (~0.6 inches) wide. The printer can print in any language. The free APP supports text, numbers, symbols, logos, barcodes, QR codes, etc., and intelligent recognition of voices and pictures. Through RFID, the label printer can be automatically identified on the APP. It supports batch printing, can be widely used for home labels, cable labels, office labels, school labels, store labels and business labels.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Alvina Goodwin

Very good and excellent quality!

Manuel Schmidt

Arrived unloaded, but as soon as it was connected to the USB outlet it began to work well. Equipped with a roll with labels. Print well, you have to see when the press lasts.

Alda Cormier

A great hand-sized device. Printed in black .. I got it in record time. Great in the organization.

Lauryn Mitchell

Excellent wonderful I would recommend buying it

Winona Morissette

Very cool thing supports Hebrew and Russian and printer all languages