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RGB Nixie Tube Clock

RGB Nixie Tube Clock

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The Digital Nixie Tube Clock, enhanced with RGB LED glows, offers a dazzling array of 16 million colors, allowing you to DIY your personal rainbow light or choose from multiple dynamic modes such as single color, flow lights, and quick flashing. Beyond its vibrant hues, this clock boasts a high accuracy RTC chip ensuring precision in timekeeping, and an easy-to-read time and calendar display. Users can conveniently switch between 12-hour and 24-hour formats, with the note that "AM/PM" is omitted from the display. Housed in a durable ABS plastic base with a clear acrylic display, this clock also features a handy USB output port to charge your devices. With dimensions of 2686979 mm and weighing 589g, it's powered via a Type-C port and requires a DC5V 1A or 2A power source (plug not included). To top it off, it comes packaged in a luxurious gift box, making it an elegant gift choice or a chic addition to any home decor.
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Customer Reviews

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Mafalda Muller

Shipping came quickly. The goods have been well packed, and the box is sturdy and tidy.
I was surprised that the clock was bigger than I thought, but it's really cool. The clock also looks good, and the interior effect is also the best.

Milan Skiles

Great packaging and fast delivery.
This was unexpectedly better than I thought. The materials feel sturdy and of good quality.
The LED illuminates well and the different mode are super nice.
It is easy to set up and use 5/5 great purchase.

Dillan Gleichner

That's really pretty. Best for the cornice. It has a digital feel, a warm analog, and if you see something close, something falls into the future. (?) I feel it, too. I 've seen a review that there is noise, but there is no noise?

Lenora Kutch

I connect to the computer USB, the time is also automatically. The delivery is a little later than the 5-day delivery, but the day mr. I understand the situation is bad.

Giles Blanda

Really good