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Self Heating Jacket

Self Heating Jacket

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Experience unparalleled comfort with our Men's Heated Jacket, engineered with up to 17 distinct heating elements to ensure an even distribution of warmth across vital areas. Whether you're tackling the great outdoors or simply facing a brisk winter day, this USB-powered thermal coat guarantees optimal heat retention. A powerbank is required when using the jacket (not included in the packaging). Designed with a blend of modern technology and quality materials, the jacket offers variants with 2, 8, 9, 11, or 17 heated elements, allowing you to choose the level of warmth that suits your needs. Stay snug and stylish with this innovative, heatable cotton jacket tailored for the modern man and women.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Ayana Lehner

Accurate the jacket looks good and feels good it is a bit difficult to choose the right size so for me it must be a size bigger think but this jacket has already found an owner hear and he's happy about it. Super fast shipping! Top!

Michel Bergnaum

thankfully got 3xl even though I ordered 4xl. the 3xl fits perfectly. In USA, I wear size xl. All electronics work better than expected. very happy with the purchase. I am looking to embroider and would like advise on that. I will message seller to ask the best approach to do so and will update. mostly what I am looking for is locations to keep heating coils fully functional. Brilliant jacket. the jacket performs as intended. thank you

Jalyn Witting

For zrist 185 cm, WAGA 80 kg, OBM of breasts 95 cm-ideally rozmir 4XL. Duge Shvidka delivery.

Susana Hane

Everything is good, the jacket is perfect, heating working from USB design looks good too. thanks!
The jacket was sent the same day. fast delivery

Juanita Feest

مادة السترة ذات نوعية رديئة. التدفئة غير متساوية للغاية ، وليس كما هو موضح في الصورة. من الواضح أيضًا من صور الكاميرا الحرارية أنها تسخن فقط في البقع. آمل أن هذا لن يكون مشكلة كبيرة في الشتاء البارد.