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Smart Thermos with Temperature Indication

Smart Thermos with Temperature Indication

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Imagine being able to take an ice cold bottle to work, and for it to still be cold hours later when you're all sweaty and need that refreshing sip. Well, with this bottle, you don't need to imagine. Featuring new high end technology that can keep your beverage at just the right temperature for you all day, cold or hot.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Rozella Price

Identical to the description.
Super thermal, really safe to temperature a lot.

Clare Pouros

Good as seen in pictures

Rhett Huels

it arrive in ok condition's. the seller ''should'' bubble rap it for a safe travel. it got a little dent it's ok with me I want if for work any ways it'll get a lot more dents and skuffs at work with me. hope it keeps my drink cool on these super hot Texas heat.

Elna Powlowski

Took 20 days to arrive in Fortress CE. The product features good quality. I put an icy liquid in it and it loses about a degree per hour until it stabilizes in the 24th in about 6 hours. In that time the bottle does not get wet.

Kellie Stroman

I got it and everything seems to work fine. I just received it in the mail so now I get to try it out. the top of the lid is a bid sratched