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TESLA Drone M8 8K High-definition Professional Drone-DS

TESLA Drone M8 8K High-definition Professional Drone-DS

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Soar to new heights with the TESLA Drone M8: 8K Aerial Photography Pro-DS! Take daring risks with its 125g lightweight frame and 6 channels. Conquer the skies for 10~20 mins with each charge and 220V voltage. Impress with ultra HD aerial photos and videos with 4K resolution. Reach up to 5000m with the latest obstacle avoidance software and electronic image stabilization. Experience ultimate freedom and control with one-click takeoff/landing and remote control. Let the adventure begin!

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Customer Reviews

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Fanny Bashirian

This drone is fun to fly, and for the price, it is hard to beat the decent 1080p camera, 3 batteries and overall product quality. I'd recommend this drone as a good way to learn to fly before moving up to the higher end models.

Derick Oberbrunner

Good drone but one of the motors was not working correctly after a couple of crashes.But everything else is so much fun, and the camera is a cool feature.

Ethel Renner

Awesome drone for the front or back yard ONLY. The very second you try to send it above trees or across the street it does what it wants to lol I had to emergency stop the propellers hovering over the next block from my back yard. I went and found it but the crash cracked one of the arms, now I need a new one sad face

Obie Wiegand

This little drone is fun to fly, easy to use, very stable, and can handle outdoor conditions when it not very windy. I bought 4 for our school for the students to use.

Patricia Krajcik

I just bought this out of curiosity. I'm blown away by how simple it was to start flying. It's also pretty tough considering the crashes I have engaged in.